“Specializing in the collection, research, and preservation of toothpick holders.”
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The National Toothpick Holder Collectors' Society (NTHCS) promotes and supports the collecting of toothpick holders, and provides education for both members and non-members by offering research, written documents, innovative articles, and by participating in other collector-related events.

NTHCS History

The National Toothpick Holder Collectors Society was founded in 1973 by Judy Knauer.  A native of Indiana, Judy started collecting toothpick holders as a child.  She often attended farm auctions with her father and usually came home with a toothpick holder.  Her collection initially started when her Great Aunt Bertha Hanley gave her several toothpick holders from her china cabinet - to play with.  Judy always asked about toothpick holders when visiting antique shops and malls.  So often she heard, "I had one, but someone just bought it."  Obviously, there were more people out there collecting toothpick holders.  That being the case, Judy felt everyone should get together and share information.  So, Judy placed small ads in several antique-related publications and was thrilled to hear from a number of other collectors.  All were very enthusiastic about the thought of starting a collector's organization and so NTHCS was born!  The society started out with just 32 members but quickly grew until the membership reached over 800 collectors.  Most were from the US, but there were a number from Canada and several other countries.  The first convention was held in 1976, just three years after the Society's inception.  A convention has been held annually ever since that time.  It occurs in the first week in August usually and in different locations across the United States.  Each year NTHCS sponsors a commemorative toothpick holder made exclusively for our members.  It is often made by a well-known contemporary studio artist such as Terry Crider, David Salazar, David Lotton or Charles Lotton.

The Toothpick Bulletin is the NTHCS publication sent out 6 times per year to support the primary focus of education.  The Bulletin is in color and features a variety of articles related to toothpick holders: newly discovered information; information about the companies that produced the toothpick holder; information on reproductions; upcoming auctions; unusual colors of treatments found on toothpick holders; and other related articles.  It is also a forum members use to ask questions.  Members often place free ads for toothpick holders they are selling or seeking.

NTHCS is open to anyone interested in specializing in the collection, research, and preservation of toothpick holders and providing education on same.