“Specializing in the collection, research, and preservation of toothpick holders.”
Mt Washington fingers RS Germany Ruby Stained RS Prussia Emerald Hermann Ohme Japanese Ruby Stained Royal Bayreuth, Bavaria Emerald RS Germany Opalescent Eureka set Royal Bayreuth, Tapestry Scalloped Six Point Set Japanese Geishas Diamond Spearpoint set RS Prussia Heisey Glass Co. Japanese Seto toothpicks Opalescent Japanese Kutani, Satsuma, Kaga


We welcome new members to apply and current members to renew their memberships. The current annual dues is $35 per household.  Members will receive a subscription to the Toothpick Bulletin which is sent out 6 times per year.  Members are encouraged to attend the annual convention where fun is had by all.  A directory of members is sent out annually either in booklet form or by email which ever is your preference.  Payment may be made either by check or by PayPal as shown below.

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Dues: $35.00 per household. Membership is on a calendar-year basis. We are now offering a 10% reduction if you register for 2 years - the cost to you would be $63.00. You will also receive a DVD which will contain the 26 past issues of the NTHCS bimonthly bulletins - these are a fantastic source of information for your perusal.
Make your check payable to NTHCS and mail it to:

NTHCS, C/O Greg Boyd
937 Barrington Rd.
Iowa City, Iowa  52245-9204


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