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Mt Washington fingers RS Germany Ruby Stained RS Prussia Emerald Hermann Ohme Japanese Ruby Stained Royal Bayreuth, Bavaria Emerald RS Germany Opalescent Eureka set Royal Bayreuth, Tapestry Scalloped Six Point Set Japanese Geishas Diamond Spearpoint set RS Prussia Heisey Glass Co. Japanese Seto toothpicks Opalescent Japanese Kutani, Satsuma, Kaga


The following links are provided for further information on topics related to the hobby of collecting toothpick holders.  Links are categorized by glass, china and silver manufacturers.  While these sites may provide extensive information about products other than toothpick holders, they often give information on the history of the company, patterns that were made, and persons involved.  If you have suggestions for other links please get in touch with us on the Contact page.  When finished looking at the link page, please use your browser back arrow to return to this site.

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Heisey Glass Co.
Greentown Glass Co.
Mount Washington and Pairpoint Glass
Early American Pattern Glass
Northwood Glass Co.
Jefferson Glass Co.
National Milk Glass Collectors Society
Fostoria Glass Society of America
Fostoria Ohio Glass Association
Fenton Art Glass
National Cambridge Glass Collectors
National Duncan Miller Glass Society
National American Glass Club
Resource Guide to Glass Blowing
 Here is a link to the bottle collecting club: https://blog.bottlestore.com/the-curious-world-of-bottle-collecting-and-the-people-who-collect-them/


Hermann Ohme and Old Ivory China Ware
Nippon China Ware
RS Prussia
Royal Bayreuth